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hongkonghomebrew Brand Featuring by
DAPPERFUEL from Canada

A responsible and results-driven brand all the way from Hong Kong is more or less what I’ve used this summer so far. Hong Kong Homebrew also ushers in a change in format by way of a traditional Q&A approach, because ultimately, these spots are not about me, they’re about the brands.

While the Styling Balm and Pre Styling Spray are impressive, I’m partial to their Cream, Clay and the Smooth & Thermal Shield; they’re exceptional in application, scent and performance. This is what Gary had to say.

On origins, ingredients & philosophy:
We started Hong Kong Homebrew in early 2017, as we saw a lot of overseas brands imported to our market, but we didn’t have a local brand in our local market. Our main ingredients are imported from the US directly: jojoba oil, beeswax, lanolin oil, Vitamin E oil, etc. We found so many hair styling brands in the market are not appropriate or good for human health so we decided our direction must go for natural side, and we have a simple and clear brand direction, “BREW FOR HUMANS” as our core philosophy.

On branding & education:
We launched the first generation of our products in 2017, then we had a revamp program in early 2018 to ensure we make a stronger impact of the brand image, as well as to educate the customers about the importance of the relationship of the ingredients and hair health.

On customers & hair health:
Customers who choose our brand as their daily styling tools care about hair health and enjoy results from the natural ingredients. Most brands are concerned about hold and how long-lasting the styling result is; and, we can see this is a big issue since geography, weather, hair type, method of use, etc. all affect the so-called “hold”. So we decided not to focus on the “hold” part, but blend natural ingredients, as we clearly understand the human need is about hair health.

Hong Kong Homebrew
Hong Kong, China

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