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Summer Favourites of Slickbacksunday

Presentation: HKH has recently updated their presentation to go along with their product changes. The box it’s initially presented in is nice but nothing crazy. A very minimalistic approach to the design with a white jar and black fonts. High quality but could use a bit more character. (4/5)
Scent: This light scent is extremely pleasant, reminiscent of something from SR. It’s herbal with a touch of citrus having distinct asian characteristics. (4.25/5)
Application/Breakdown: HKH got it right with the scoop on this stuff, ideal for a clay product in my opinion. Scooping it out is easy but still has a density too it and the dryness of the actual product makes the clay seem more present. Breaking it down is simple and you won’t have to stress. Applying is just as easy, with a sense of tack and minimal dryness, nothing to sweat here and really not a lot to discuss. Optimal clay characteristics. (4.5/5)
Performance: First impression… my hair feels way thicker. I get a distinct thickening effect which lasts all day. I think it’s the shine level that really does it. With a completely neutral shine, I’m all in. Hold is a medium to firm hold, leaning on the firm side. Add in some excellent texture and it’s hard to negate how good this stuff is. With the crazy weather that I’ve been having in my city, this clay has endured it all. Restyling all day during the hot weather and still staying present after a little rain shower. The overall combination has really been perfect for my shorter style and the entire summer vibe. Relaxed and textured styles are emphasized with this wonderful clay. (4.5/5)
Washout: Well above average, almost completely rinses out. (4.25/5)
Overall: A personal favourite of mine and go to this summer. Definitely added to my June favourites list coming out next week. Use the code slickbacksunday15 for 15% off! (21.5/25)

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